At 12 years old science fiction introduced me to the wonders of space. Since then I have grown more and more receptive to the awing scale of the universe. First through physics, then aerospace, literature and design. Today's digital disruption suddenly opens up many opportunities. From virtual exploration to imaginative platforms. I am a minimalist; I enjoy conceiving of products which can embed the core of an idea and present it in its purest of forms. My penchant for nature rivals that for space operas. Life's only worth living after a mountain hike or when soothed by the melodic sounds of a piano.


Ski  - 20+ years (silver medals for small and giant slalom)

Judo - 4 years (green-blue belt)

Karate - 7 years (blue belt)

Four-wheeling (trophies for co-piloting)

Salsa - 4 years

I created and administrated an online forum for a year. The aim was to organise and develop strategies for a space-themed game. Experienced leadership and elaborated projects within a team work environment. Required good time management skills. The forum reached 100 members and 20,000 messages.

I organized International trips for a group of friends met in California. We created a Facebook group (about 90 members) and a committee to plan the various reunions. I managed, edited and shared the digital information collected during each trip and designed motivational posters. We visited Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Bologna and Istanbul so far. The group was featured twice in articles of the International House Times published by a student residence in Berkeley.

Our biggest goal is to use the wonderful excuse of our friendship to travel the world and discover new grounds, cultures and people.
— Califriends