Masters of Engineering Aerospace Engineering with Management

I attended the University of Manchester from 2007 to 2011 and studied the following modules:

Advanced Technology Enterprise, Aero-Acoustics, Aerodynamics, Aero-Elasticity, Aerospace Propulsion, Aerospace Structures, Aerospace Systems, Aircraft Performance, Control Engineering, Design, Dynamics, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Materials, Engineering Mechanics, Flight Dynamics, Flight Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Legal Issues, Management, Mathematics, Modeling & Simulation, Numerical Methods, Operations Management, Programming, Project Finance, Risk Management, Strategy, Thermodynamics, Vibrations


Poster Design - 1st Year

As part of my first year requirements, I had to design with the help of three fellow engineers a poster illustrating an engineering innovation. We chose to talk about the new spaceport that is being developed by Virgin Galactic. The poster we designed was elected most popular by the students. (Out of seventy posters!)

Design/Make/Test - 1st Year

This project was conducted in teams of three students and had as a goal to build a model airplane that could be launched with an elastic and glide as far as possible carrying a battery and a table tennis ball (We were in competition with the other teams). The work involved a lot of excel spreadsheets that were used in order to determine the best configuration for the model airplane.  We also had to take in consideration the material (weight) used to create the model airplane and the feasibility of it all. 

Business Simulation Project - 2nd Year

The University worked in partnership with a company that provided a professional simulation program in order to let us experience the realities of managing a business. We were able to simulate, in teams of six people, five years in the life of a car company. We had to launch up to four new cars and make decisions about our target market, vehicle options, pricing, factory employment…Each team was placed in a virtual environment competing with real companies as well as with other teams for market share. The final assignment was a poster exhibition which gave us the opportunity to explain our achievements in front of professionals.

Design of Civil Aircraft - 2nd Year

This was once again a team project (three people) which asked us to design a civil airplane that could fly 370 people 13000km away. We used excel and historic data to determine all the dimensions we needed. We then tackled the design itself using the program Solidworks which enables one to create any three-dimensional object. The design of each part of the airplane was split up between members of the team; I did the fuselage, the nose, the tailplane and the seating arrangement. At the end of the project a poster advertising our airplane had to be submitted.


Design of Microlight/Very Light Aircraft - 3rd Year

This project gave us the opportunity to develop in teams of six people a conceptual and preliminary design for an EU CS-VLA aircraft (Which complies with European certifications). The goal was to meet the performance and cost requirements and develop a certification plan. Our group was given a Target Price of £110,000 for a trainer aircraft with two seats. 

Financial Analysis - 3rd Year

This assignment was part of my Advanced Technology Enterprise class. We were asked to perform a financial analysis of a company which built personal hovercrafts. Here are some of the calculations that needed to be done: fixed/variable cost, VAT, loan repayment, depreciation of assets, national insurance contribution. We also had to prepare a profit and loss statement, a break-even analysis, a predictive cash flow and an original business solution to meet an abnormally large order. This assignment was one of the most realistic I had to deal with and gave me a practical understanding of a business situation and how to apply some financial analysis to it.

Individual Project - 3rd Year

As part of my third year at the University of Manchester, I was asked to complete an individual project. This project was different for each student and had to be completed in seventh month. The aim of my project was to develop an international metric system that would enable the trading of noise, emissions and other performance parameters for aircrafts through a quick model. This project has enhanced my researching skills and report writing skills. I have learnt to reference correctly and to manage a long term project with various milestones. 

The Final Report is available online. Moreover, my supervisor asked me to collaborate on a Research Paper he was preparing that was linked to my project. It was presented at the 10th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations (ATIO) Conference.

Design Group Project - 4th Year

As part of my Master’s year at the University of Manchester, I was asked to participate in a group project to design a design process which would be able to intake some potential customer requirements and translate them into a final design for a particular model airplane. The group has seven members and it was agreed that I would be the Project Manager. This project has helped me put my organizational skills in practice and learn how to manage an international and multicultural team in a working environment. After subitting a Final Design Review Report for our process, the team presented its work at a Trade Show set up by the University of Manchester. I designed three posters for the occasion.

The project ended with the actual building of one example model airplane from a set of customer requirements. Our airplane was one of the few to succeed its test flights. A Video Demonstration was made to demonstrate the overall process:

Finance Case Study - 4th Year

We were asked to write, as part of a group, a case study demonstrating the use of Project Finance in a major project. Our group decided to analyze the development of Disneyland Paris and its involvement with the stock exchange market, syndication banking, political interaction and international issues.