Network Engineer

I spent a year at Inmarsat from September 2011 to July 2012. My work there had many aspects and evolved over time. After a first learning period where I read a lot of telecommunications and mobile networks material I got to participate in the Alpha testing of new services for the company. This activity consisted in checking/confirming the behavior of User Terminals when undergoing particular connection paterns.

I was also asked to enhance diagrams the company uses for various presentations.

In addition to Alpha testing, Inmarsat let me experience Regression testing for existing software/services. Another enjoyable part of my work was to take care of work experience students visiting Inmarsat. I was asked to prepare working plans for them and supervise their learning. This activity greatly increased my confidence and teaching skills.

Among other projects, I was asked to liaise with other smaller satellite companies and help assessing a business model for new revenue. I learned a lot about the satellite market while doing this.

Directing brainstorm activites, I tried to bridge the gap between commercial and engineering departments and think about new services for our clients.

Finally, in the last few months of my internship, I started to work on many different programs which had the potential to increase Inmarsat's effiiciency. Some were aimed at delivering better project/team management while others were used for test management activities. I implemented a Kanban approach as well as a more systemised way of doing testing. I also started to introduce an innovative presentation tool for the company to store and showcase its achievements in a very understandable and visual way.

My time at Inmarsat gave me a fresh look at where the satellite communication industry is today. I was able to witness the challenges faced by such a big organization whether in terms of competing in a highly innovative industry or internal structure and management priorities. This newly acquired knowledge is invaluable to me.